Aleut International Association recently had the privilege of recognizing Arnold Dushkin, Arlene Gundersen, and Lorraine Jonsson for their many years of service as Board of Director Members.

They graciously shared their time, knowledge, and expertise for many years which has successfully helped us: strengthen the bonds with Alaskan and Russian Aleuts, voice the priorities and concerns for our people internationally through the Arctic Council, and helped continue to share our Aleut culture and values.

We appreciate your leadership and many years of devoted service to the Aleut people as members of our Board of Directors!

Photo Above: Arnold Dushkin receiving his award at APIA Board of Directors meeting.
(Left to Right: Dimitri Philemonof, APIA President/CEO; Liza Mack, AIA Interim Executive Director; Arnold Dushkin, Former AIA Board of Director Member; Mark Snigaroff, APIA Board of Director Chair)