• St. Paul, Alaska
    St. Paul, Alaska
  • Unalaska, Alaska
    Unalaska, Alaska
  • Sand Point, Alaska
    Sand Point, Alaska
  • Nikolski Stream
    Nikolski Stream
  • St. George, Alaska
    St. George, Alaska
  • Nelson Lagoon, Alaska
    Nelson Lagoon, Alaska
  • King Cove, Alaska
    King Cove, Alaska
  • False Pass, Alaska
    False Pass, Alaska
  • Akutan, Alaska
    Akutan, Alaska
  • Boat in Nikolskoye
    Boat in Nikolskoye
  • Atka, Alaska
    Atka, Alaska

Aleut International Association News

Korea Arctic Academy in Busan

Korea Arctic Academy in Busan

The Korea Maritime Institute held their second annual Korea Arctic Academy last week. The academy included 29 students from UArctic member institutions where students participate in lectures and discussions on Arctic topics. The academy was hosted by the Korean...

AIA In Alaska Dispatch News

ADN quotes our Executive Director, Jim Gamble, "Everything that happens further north in the Bering and everything that happens further north in the Beaufort and the Chukchi and even further north in the Arctic Ocean, a lot of that productivity is determined by what...

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