About Aleut International Association (AIA)

The Aleut International Association (AIA) is a not-for-profit corporation that represents the Indigenous Peoples of Aleut descent in the United States and the Russian Federation.

AIA was formed to address environmental and cultural concerns of the extended Aleut family whose wellbeing has been connected to the rich resources of the Bering Sea for millennia. Its mission is to promote continuity of culture and protect the resources needed to sustain it.

AIA is one of six Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council, the leading intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation in the Arctic. As such, AIA represents the environmental and cultural interests and concerns of the Aleut people to this important international forum. As part of the Arctic Council framework, AIA collaborates with Arctic States, Working Groups and other Permanent Participants.

AIA collaborates with governments, scientists, local and regional communities, and other Aleut entities to develop research, products and policies to improve the well-being of the Aleut people and the environment on which they depend.

The mission of AIA is to:

Community Collaboration

Establish close ties with the Russian Aleut community and the Russian Northeastern regions to promote protection of the shared environment, preservation of cultural heritage, and strengthening of good neighbor relations.

Arctic Engagement

Engage in international activities aimed at improvement of the Arctic environment.

Indigenous Advocacy

Advocate for Indigenous People’s interests in the Arctic as mandated by the Board.


AIA was established in 1998 by the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association and the Association of the Indigenous Peoples of the North of the Aleut District of the Kamchatka Region. 


AIA is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors; four from Aleut communities in The Russian Federation and four from Aleut communities in the United States. The organization is administered by an Executive Director appointed by the AIA Board.

AIA appoints various Aleut experts to represent the organization on Arctic Council working groups, expert groups and in other bodies of interest to the Aleut people.

AIA Board of Directors:

Svetlana Vozhikova

Board President
Nikolskoye, Kamchatka, Russian Federation

Okalena Patricia Lekanoff Gregory

Board Vice President
Unalaska, Alaska, USA

Amy Foster

Board Secretary/Treasurer
Sand Point, Alaska, USA

Sally Swetzof

Board Member
Atka, Alaska, USA

Liza Mack

Board Member
King Cove, Alaska, USA

Delores Kochuten

Alternate Board Member
King Cove, Alaska, USA

Vera Belobrova

Board Member
Nikolskoye, Kamchatka, Russian Federation

Elena Solovanyuk

Board Member
Nikolskoye, Kamchatka, Russian Federation

Valentina Sushkova

Board Member
Nikolskoye, Kamchatka, Russian Federation

AIA Staff:

Jessica Veldstra

Executive Director
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Currently Vacant

Environmental Coordinator
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Delores Gregory

Administrative Assistant
Remote Work Location